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  • Photo Recap -- Midnight Brunch: Chicken or Egg Edition -- June 2012


    Midnight Brunch: Chicken or Egg Edition kicked it up a notch in Williamsburg last weekend. We turned up the volume on cocktails, with four creative tipples by bar master Pamela Wiznitzer. We served up the most gorgeous food to date from the mind of Sam Kim and her team from Biddy & Yolk. We could not get enough AC for the steamy night ahead, but even knowing that, we almost burnt the house down voluntarily with a hot show from burlesque star Calamity Chang.


    Mad you missed it? Request an invitation by filling out this form. August 10, 2012 is our next public event. (Save the date!)

    We welcomed 45 guests for an Asian take on the ol' "Chicken or Egg?" question. feast. While Sam and her team worked hard in the kitchen, Pamela shook, rattled and rolled behind the bar, serving up magic tipples featuring Louis Royer Force 53 VSOP Fine Champagne Cognac, Cointreau, Averna and Damrack Gin.

    _MG_8542 - Version 2

    _MG_8394 The event took place in a Wild West type warehouse in the hipster district of Williamsburg (Brooklyn). It is by far the most wild spot we've ever thrown a party. _MG_7863

    _MG_8804 As guests sipped their tipples, they were provided with ample trays of three different, delectable appetizers. First, Sam wowed the crowd with Curry Spiced Potato Scotch Eggs with Cardamom Aioli. _MG_7794I wasn't sure how guests would react to our next app, but I had nothing to fear because these bad boys were always gone within seconds.

    Crispy Five Spice Chicken Livers with Hoisin & Plum Vinegar BBQ Sauce _MG_7803

    As a parting shot before dinner, we passed around plates of the most beautiful salad I've ever seen. Nectarine, Watermelon Radish, Soft-boiled Egg, Pea Shoots with Lime Basil Vinaigrette & Chicken Skin Cracklin's _MG_7939 - Version 2 Among our fave moments of the night were when our guests had fun with some of the venues many props. _MG_8174 - Version 2


    But before we knew it, it was time for dinner.

    _MG_8606 - Version 2

    We had a cool first course of Chinese Broccoli with Beet Greens and Lychees, tossed with a Roasted Shallot and Ginger Vinaigrette.


    After whetting guests' appetites, Sam sent out a one-two punch with plates of Sapporo-brined & roasted garlic fried chicken and garlic scape buttermilk biscuits with daikon anchovy butter. Add to that the subtle and superb accents: a watercress salad with sesame soy dressing and bamboo rice.



    For desserts, we brought back a crowd pleaser from our March event. We served up mini coconut flans and topped it off with a ginger-infused whipped cream and lime wedges.

    _MG_8630 - Version 2

    Dessert would not have been nearly as sweet had we not topped it all off with a feathery flirty performance from Ms. Calamity Chang. You had to be there to truly appreciate it, but here's a glimpse at what our guests saw.


    Check out the full menu from the meal, including the cocktail list here. Enjoy a few more highlights from the evening below. All photos by Clay Williams.

    _MG_7882 - Version 2 Shown in this pic below are two returning Midnight Brunch guests, one of whom invited the rest of these ladies to join her at Midnight Brunch as part of her birthday celebration. Happy birthday, Sammy! _MG_7994 - Version 2



    _MG_8499 - Version 2 Midnight Brunch founder Emily Cavalier (dat's me!) on the left with guest chef Sam Kim of Biddy & Yolk on the right. _MG_8383 - Version 2

    _MG_8118 - Version 2

    _MG_8147 - Version 2

    _MG_8584 The Midnight Brunch: Chicken or Egg Crew celebrating with a shot after the event. Cheers! _MG_8819 - Version 2 Check out the rest of the photos from Midnight Brunch: Chicken or Egg Edition here.


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